Oh, the little clothes…

Is there anything cuter than baby clothing?  Me thinks not.

But keeping those tiny items in some form of organization, especially when you’re so tired you may have put your keys in the fridge and the half eaten apple in your purse (maybe that’s just me?):  mission impossible.

Before my son was born, I had his clothing all arranged in his drawers just like I organize mine — folded, in piles.  Easy enough when he lived in footie jammies and I was fine just pulling one out of the drawer.  Verrrrry challenging for teeny-tiny shirts and pants once those become a wardrobe staple (the kid only likes to sleep in a long-sleeve onsie…and we seem to have adopted the rule that overnight shirts shall be only white).

So, I took a visit to heaven on earth (also known as the container store) and bought about 10 different contraptions to try to bring some order to the disaster that was these drawers.

It turned out that the cheapest option was the best — drawer dividers that I’m sure are meant for adult socks or undies, but work PERFECTLY for tiny baby things.  You can get fancy and buy canvas ones, but I found the plastic ones to be more than sufficient.  A drawer for shirts, a drawer for a little pants and suddenly getting him dressed was soooo much easier!

Enter a caption

Order restored!  Roll those bad boys up, stick them in a compartment and now his drawers are more organized than mine are! (see corner for the million white shirts — which of course are all stained, because babies white + babies who eat things like avocado and liver pate for breakfast are not a great combo, but I digress).

Pants, with a few footless one-piece outfits thrown in for good measure.  Footie jammies and bulkier one-piece outfits are still folded in their own drawer.

It’s now SO much easier to mix and match, and as he grows out of things I just take them out of the drawer (I keep a donation box on the floor of his closet to make that whole transition easier!) and it makes it easy to notice when it’s time to go into the closet and bring down the next size bin!

Any smart hacks you’ve found for keeping things organized?  I’d love to hear them!

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